A Salaam Alaikum!

Abigail F. Taylor is a student of theology and history. She spent a good chunk of her childhood roaming the Dallas Museum of Art, where her father, Seamus Murphy, was Poet in Residence. Inspired by him, she has been writing stories since an early age.  She takes her writing very seriously....if nothing else.  Because of her fearsome dedication, she has had the honour of being published in Illya's Honey, Sixfold Magazine, and Red River Review.


On occasion, she's been known to design throne rooms out of disregarded boxes, is in habit of wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and dressing up as Hagrid (if only to glorify the beardly magnificence.)


Currently, she is working on her third novel, and a chapbook that has been long over due. She is also working on improving her Arabic, and is keen on learning Irish and ASL.


She lives in North Texas with an overly cheerful pom-pom and three cats (two of which are hobo kitties).  They think they own the place...they don't...she swears.